A Great Pet Peeve

What’s up with the need that we all tend to have at some point or another to feel cared for? Honestly, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs drives me insane. Why is it that we have the hardest time realizing what’s truly good for us and what’s just going to turn the tables of fortune around on us? Why is it that everything turns out upside down at one point or another? Like really, why do we even care about these things like I am doing right now? What I do know, though, is that we have the hardest time dealing with loving others and loving ourselves. It is especially funny that we are hardly ever satisfied completely with having the things that we do have. There are probably five people loving each an every one of us to the point of handing it all over to us, but we still look for something else. We’re also most likely in the category of those five people.

I usually think it’s just a self-esteem issue to feel the need to be cared for and attended to, but I’m starting to really wonder if that is so. I have seen people with low self-esteem that honestly could care less about anyone or anything. So why is it that I, a person who’s pretty happy with who I am, feels the need to be heard and to be cared for? I’m sure we’ll all go through this, but I just want to know why it bothers me and some of you guys so much and how do we pay more attention to those who truly care about us? It’s so easy to just go with the motions of everything, but when it comes to loving/caring about someone, it gets more complex than that. In the end you do care to the point that you want what you’re handing out (your love and attention) to be reciprocated.

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