A Moribund’s Thoughts

I cannot eat and I cannot sleep. I am thrashed by every current possible as I frantically swim as far as I possibly can. The sharks are intent on making the water bright red for they are as carnivorous as ever, but what to do in effort to escape? I must will myself to do so or else the current, the sharks and the deep abyss will pull me under to that underwater castle that I have seen before. I cannot let myself sink, no matter how many times I am accused. My feet are not pointy and I am not a witch, but still everything is eager to accuse.

Glaring eyes commence their attempt to stone me to death inside this deep water. What is going on? I thought I was in the middle of the ocean… I guess it was my state of delirium  or the whirlpools inside my head. Now I have become tangled with the excess seaweeds. I must escape or else I will continue to fall far below. My slow descent does not seem to become any slower and now I feel as if I were battling the quicksand. Is it possible to have underwater quicksand? Yes, it is.

Now my face feels cold and I am sure I am blue all over, but I cannot seem to surface.

It must be hours later, because I cannot feel a thing. I doubt that I am dead because I am conscious; I just cannot see a thing. I hear swishes surrounding me and now I am warm once again. Regaining the feeling of my body I feel smoothness below me and empty space surrounding me. I cannot be alive and I just realized that because as nothing more than a fragile human I cannot breathe underwater. 

I am comatose and confused.

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