And the Wheel Keeps Turning

Lets face it, we know nothing of each other. You only know the things I write and the things I speak of, but we view it all differently. It’s fine. There’s no problem with the differences in comprehension. So maybe I’ll just ramble on a bit in a clear matter, or well, as clear as I can be:

Everything changes constantly and it’s confusing and complicating. Everything always changes to end up the same in a different way. We all live to die in different ways and bit by bit. It’s truly like a composition of art perceived by different artists. Maybe that’s all we all are– artists. We all paint what we want to squeeze out of life and death– what we want to sqeeze out of being. I guess it all depends on who you want to be and what you want to make out of yourself.

We change as often as the sea currents do. Sometimes the changes cause disaster and at other times they just create calm. Which leads me to point out that everything is connected in one way or another. Our brains perceive it that way because our minds fight to connect everything we see, hear, feel, and taste. So in a way we reflect nature. We have all given it personality. It’s either that it’s furious, peaceful, beautiful, horrible or many, many other descriptions. Everything that we see in nature impacts everything else and everything we do impacts something else as well, which in turn continues to impact a myriad of other things. This may just occur because we are a part of nature. Do you wonder what this does to the rest of the universe and the energy within it?
Regardless, since we change so do the things we want. One day we want success and fame, the other we want peace of mind. We’re constantly flooded by differing and sometimes conflicting emotions. Maybe every complex person (us all) have multiple personalities. Not the disorder, no, just the state of mind in which we’re constantly changing. Each emotion leads to changes in mindset and you can call it crazy, but I call it just living.

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