So very fearful and shameful. Talk about shameful for me because of the things I can’t have. I can’t breathe the air, nor taste the water. Damn it, how I want to taste the water. I wish I could dive in it fully and just become one with the universe. If I could float through the whole sea on currents without ever fearing and having other needs I would, so I know you would as well. But you won’t although you can.

You won’t breathe and fly with me like a disengaged leaf. There’s just something about the wind though, something that you will need. Why won’t you just come along you fearful soul? I’d show you everything you never knew of before. We could learn about life, watch it grow and wither… You fear too much to learn and take chances.
Did you know that you’re too beautiful to not take chances? I’m sure you didn’t, but you are and I wish you would. It would be sufficient if you could just take them– take it all with or without me. You deserve the scent of the flowers and you deserve to watch the bark age in a way that is new to the world. I don’t know why, but you do and you will. Just become one with the energy that surrounds you.
You’re so much better than dullness because the thunder calls for you. Can you hear it call for you? It’s a sound only keen to your sensitive ears, but you won’t shatter like glass. I promise you that you won’t shatter like it.

Embrace the difference–the strangeness– that is alien to you and you will learn of a secret to follow. Maybe you will follow it and grasp it. You might take it all back like the water does to the mountain or like it does to the land. You might be the moss taking over the boulder. Who said fragility isn’t one of the strongest elements in existence?

Exist and persevere, my love. I believe you are meant to disentangle and connect like the lifelines of evolution.

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