I’ve been betrayed millions of times and I’ve dealt with the side-effects of that betrayal. Now I just feel like no matter what I do those side-effects will never evaporate, but I need them to evaporate immediately. I’ve been dealing with the same pain and sadness for much too long and I keep asking myself, “what the hell is up with this?” Unfortunately I am not receiving any type of answer. I don’t want to hear that it was karma, because I guarantee you that karma it was definitely NOT. So what to do with this betrayal if passive measures do not seem to work?
I will crush it into billions of fragments so close to the smallest portion of an element. All I can say is “forget it, I’m done with this injustice.” This betrayal is simply going to be destroyed for I can no longer deal with it. I will slap it until I render it unconscious because I will not continue to feel this way. This betrayal was relentless in ruining every innocent piece of me and now I’m full of darkness. I’m no longer that bright white that used to purify the things across my path. It is only this betrayal that will suffer the consequences, nothing more, nothing less.
I will be relentless like it was towards me. Depression came along, anger came to stay and now it’s time to rid myself of these evils with a small, but necessary evil. Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it to suffer for the rest of my times on Earth, much less for eternity. I won’t worry though, because karma won’t come for me. Karma has been asking me to do this for a very long time and I just never had the courage to do so, but now time has changed and so have I.

Goodbye betrayal and farewell!

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