Broken Mirrors

What brings a person to harm another? I have been trying to understand this concept for years, but I feel as if I do not have the knowledge to understand. It is not impossible to understand, but it causes me to wonder if I am wrong every time I come up with a new answer. I understand that people go through pain; we all have to deal with so much, but why make the world a little colder? Why create such unrest in a person’s head for simple entertainment?


What is obtained from purposely bringing down a person is something I wish would be explained to me. I don’t mean to judge harshly, but how the hell can people bring themself to mock another? What is so wonderful about breaking people down? I don’t know what causes people to have such insecurities so as to spend their energy pushing others into confusion and depression.

I have seen too many people hurt–just take a look around you and watch how they all suffer. We are living in hell when we decide to break a person down. People are just so beautiful if you let them be. I want to believe in those around me, but all they want to do is harm each other. As long as this continues there will be no civilization and what we seek to believe is a fraction of it will just continue to be a figment of our imagination.

When your intention is to hurt another, think about what that means to you. Remember that you’re not bringing harm to them because they are below your intelligence level, your culture, or your ideals; you are harming them because you are unhappy in your own skin. Only you will bring destruction upon yourself and no one else.

So next time you want to push a person away or break them apart remember that you are the one shattering to pieces.

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