Down Below and into Everything

Nothing is as it seems; it may be often so. Sometimes you’re underwater and you’re drowning, drowning, drowning and breathing water. So who am I when I’m deep down inside? I know that sometimes a drowned woman will float as long as there are no things keeping her down. I feel as if life isn’t purely physical, sometimes it’s those painful emotions that keep you alive.

There’s such a contrast between the drowned and those dead and floating. As you bob about in water you’re moving, your body is senseless, but your mind is there serving as the casket that once kept your soul. But who knows if the soul ever really leaves the mind? When the body decomposes and there’s nothing left, there’s still the ground that combined with you, the mind, and then the soul becomes a part of everything.

Now when you’re down below you’re still decomposing inside the organs of tiny organisms. The food chain is now a cycle. I guess that’s because triangles are too rigid, but circles, those are cyclical like life and death. Everything lives and dies many times, every little thing starts and ends and at some point it all moves.

Change is indefinite and inevitable.

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