Something I seek, but cannot find.

If I could fly with the wind, I would take my chances. I’d float away in the air and I would be as light as oxygen. We all contain oxygen inside of us anyway, so why not float away along? It’s such a shame that gravity holds us down and makes us older, but I’m sure it has its pros as well. Maybe I’d float as light as a feather one day and feel ecstatic on a complete new level–how that will ever happen, I do not know.
I have dreams of flying sometimes. It feels so amazing, as if your whole body tingles starting from your stomach and spreading to the rest of it. Isn’t it beautiful how our minds can make us feel this way as if in an ethereal realm? Maybe flying would be like floating in the ocean. The ocean has so much oxygen and I love the feeling I get when I’m laying down after spending a day floating in the water. The aftereffect is that swishing motion as if I were the branches of a tree just flowing with the wind on the planet. Or maybe I’ll be a leaf detached from the tree; I could either float up high in a stream of air or I could lay down on the ground without any function to perform.
All of this is something I will not attain in its technicality, but I can attain it through my emotions. Just because I’m not feeling this now does not mean I won’t feel this later. Maybe when you think about it long and hard you’ll feel it along with me in a perfectly comfortable way.

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