For You

My Evil Angel;

Break, break, break my angel. That is all you ever do. You break and you tear and you burn all that is in your path. Why are you so evil, angel? I thought you were heaven-sent, but is there anything that could have ever proved me more wrong? Of course not, you belong with the devil. So burn me to insanity and bury me twelve feet under for fear that I will resurface. You’re an angel, you’ve got that certain; you’re an angel of evil why are you above the surface?
Loosen your grip on me; can’t you see I’m already bloody? Why is your smile twisted like your actions? Only you seem to know the answer to it all. So leave me in the dark struggling to find the truth only to realize that it doesn’t exist, you’re just deranged. You’re so brilliant baby, you’re lighting up my whole world. Lightning strikes are light, right? You deviant of nature; you’re so synthetically made. But you’re an angel, the perfect evil angel.

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