Gypsy Woman, Who are You? Your Wing Pattern is that of a Butterfly

I may be crazy; I love this. I run and run and run in every direction at the same time. I’m more than just sun rays shining everywhere at once. I reach farther and I move quicker.

You know how sometimes you think you know someone only to find that you’ll never even begin to understand what they’re truly made of? Well, that’s how it is every splitting second of my life. I write words and act in specific ways, but no one will ever truly understand. I’m not special, it works the other way around too.

I’m one person today and tomorrow or within the next few minutes my whole life changes. I moved on from that and dove into this. It’s crazy, it seems like a split personality and it’s hard to control. Just think, grass sways in every direction in the wind. Sometimes it sways left and at other times it’s swaying in fifty different directions which we can’t imagine, but it’s still just grass. People are the same way. I am the same way.

So today I’m here and tomorrow I’m there. Today we’re united and tomorrow we’re lost. There are so many paths to take but so few to explore. So maybe I am crazy, but it’s more exciting that feeling the same way all of the time.

I rather be everything and nothing all at once.

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