How Do You Know You’re the Best?

People are so cruel and cold-hearted. They take someone’s joy and turn it into despair or embarrassment simply because they need to feel better about themselves. To me it doesn’t seem right to be hypocritical towards someone because then it’s just being a fake. I notice people constantly will say that they love someone’s outfit or their creative hairdo and then they will turn right around and tell someone else how ridiculous the person looks. What happened to the posters that were supposed to teach us in elementary school that if you had nothing nice to say it was better to not say anything at all?

I understand that people need to feel in control of their lives to be able to have a decent self-esteem, but it’s outright silly to think that this can be attained through disrespect and hypocrisy. Just because one person does not particularly enjoy something that another person sees beautiful does not mean that they are correct. Obviously everyone is going to have differing tastes, but why jab at a person’s masterpiece or comfort? We are all different, it’s what makes us individuals. Think about it this way: if everyone liked the same things and felt the same way about EVERYTHING, then there would be no change in the world, there would not exist variety, and there would be a lack of originality.

Then I wonder: don’t we all have those little things that distinguish us because we enjoy them and others don’t? This could be a hobby, an interest, a feeling, or a specific physique. So why is it that certain people see someone who has accomplished something we have never even thought of and then they proceed to poke fun at them? If a person wants to draw bright yellow flowers on the outside of their home, then let them; they are trying to brighten up the world with little bits of sunshine. Maybe someone enjoys a particular type of apparel that another person would call tacky. What does it matter to the other person? The person in the “tacky” outfit may be the new trendsetter or they may be expressing a specific thought. Just let people be people, it’s none of our business to tell them where their place is in the world. None of us is wiser than the other.

But honestly, most people are just outright jealous of the fact that others can find happiness in the strangest things. It’s important to not let the mind stay a closed box because then how in the world will anyone ever mature? I’m not saying I am perfect and that I, unfortunately, have never been cynical about things, but at least I try to realize my flaws and I try to fix them. But no, some people are just too righteous to even allow themselves to acknowledge their flaws. It’s a shame really, because we can all change for the better. That is the beauty of imperfection: there is always room for improvement.


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