I Certainly Do Love…

You want to know something that I absolutely love about life? I love the fact that it changes all the time. Honestly, it’s amazing how the transgression is shown through little trails here and there. Maybe you realized for the first time that there are palm fronds that look like teased feathers below the sky and you think about your life. You probably might realize that they portray something we usually end up having to go through–strife. No matter how many times the wind has battered those fronds you can still see that they are hardy and they remain beautiful. Now, I’m not generally a fan of palm trees or their fronds, but I can still see the beauty in their weather-beaten existence and you probably could too. It’s these little changes that you slowly start to notice and you think to yourself, “dang, I’m growing up.”

Before you know it, you notice more and more changes and you may appreciate the more beautiful things in life. Everything is then so much more complex because, next thing you know, you’re out on your own and well on your way. I’m going to college this summer and I can sincerely say that I’ve never been out on my own. I have never lived with a stranger, I have never had the leisure to do as I please and when I please–my parents are quite overbearing at times– and I have never before had to be economically sustainable for myself. It feels like I am a flower and I finally get to bloom fully.

Now it’s time to see the opposite side of things. I understand that not everything is all rosy and smooth; life can be difficult to handle. One moment everything can be as calm as can be and then a tidal wave hits and we’re left searching for the things we have lost. Family members, mementos, health, beauty, and so much more can easily become a thing of the past leaving us lost in the sea of life without a compass pointing North. However, it’s all in how you look at things. Eventually the sun will shine after the storm and we will have one more experience under our belts.

It makes more sense to continue with that ever-changing life of ours the best way we possibly can because in the end we will all perish. Destruction can occur anywhere and at any time, but if we view the fragments in a new way, we might be able to make something better out of it. So I honestly must say that I love the fact that life will always change because in the process, I get to do the same and I get to be better.

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