I Spread My Wings Just to Bear My Heart

I spread my wings just to bear my heart. I ran through the grass in hopes of finding shelter, but nothing shelters the one that runs away. The rain and thunder were right on my heels all along. There were no caves in the desert, only images of dreams right beyond my reach.

I guess it is like they say, “you can run, but you can’t hide.” No matter where I go, the darkness will catch up to me in the highest hopes of destroying me. I understand the darkness, but the darkness does not understand me. It doesn’t get that I see the light where there seems to be a lack of it. She thinks that I will live through it, but I won’t. I can’t.

I’m as frail as a teardrop landing on hard concrete. It doesn’t even get absorbed, it just gets broken up to tiny pieces to never be seen as it was ever again. At that point it doesn’t even matter to the rest of the world and that’s usually alright, but not tonight.

Meanwhile, the hawk goes to kill. In hopes to change its prey into positive energy. It taunts it before diving into blood. Sure, the hawk has to eat, but why choose me? Why choose her love as what will become the dead? All I say is, “peck, little bird, soon enough you’ll be on your own.”


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