Imaginary Lines

Stress and destruction… No matter what, they will remain in such a form available to all. Self-destruction is due to failure of seeing what a person truly needs and feels. Denying the truth does not get anyone anywhere; it’s all about opening up the eyes and ears and realizing that it’s not there. In reality, not many things are and it does not matter how full our world is. Stress then emmanates from self-deceit and it sends us spiraling and crushing everything in our path like a swift tornado. Is it okay to bring chaos unto all that is around us? It should not be.

It tends to be strange how no matter what destruction falls on the world, it never seems to end. Nothing ever truly does end which leads people to wonder if anything ever even begins at all. It is the idea of things people cannot even begin to fathom that drives them to stress– stress people desperately need to make sense of, but that seems to be senseless. So why do people insist on making sense of everything when in reality nothing may make any sense at all?

Maybe it is good to revert to animalistic nature: feel and do everything based on impulse and instinct.

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