It’s All About the Molecules and Particles, or Maybe there is Something Else I am Trying to Say

It tends to be the smallest of things that make up all that we feel and are. The organelles make up the cells that create our bodies. The smallest of hands make a lifelong impact on people. It is the smallest of things that mean everything and it is the smallest of things that pester us. The white lie is the lie that we often hardly overlook or tend to forgive.

It makes sense to care so much about the minute details in life because those are what compose the foundations of life itself and everything that isn’t life. The chain of events tend to begin at the smallest level and slowly gains magnitude. No matter what one wants– no matter the simplicity needed– things always escalate. This doesn’t even seem to be human nature, but more like a law of the universe.
Defined a bit more clearly: of course things may be seen in ascension or descension, but it doesn’t really matter because in the end it’s practically the same thing although in some way it differs. The change of magnitude is still occuring and it is still causing an impact. I believe that what I am trying to say is that everything is like a wire with an electrical current passing back and forth between the connections (so wouldn’t that make the change the same in context?).
I digress, it all still seems to stem up from the measures of less to accumulate into more. It’s as if everything becomes blown out of proportion, thus being the reason why the most minute details seem to matter so much. The seed becomes a tree that then gives fruit to provide more of the same thing, there is a change, but it all amounts to the same idea. I believe that the larger things matter equally, but that is for another time to discuss, for a time when my mind is clearer.
Either way, it is the smaller things that explain the whole picture, just because it is smaller it does not make it lesser.

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