Jolene, Please Don’t Take Away My Man


Please, please don’t take away my man. I know that no matter how much I beg, you will and, I will be left here standing, crawling over the cold floor. My dress is filthy, Jolene.

I dream of him when he dreams of stones and of his wandering eyes’ treasures—he dreams of you. My body isn’t made of beads of stones or of coral-seawater in which he can fill his lungs with, but if it could be, I would let it be.

Jolene, listen to me as I plead my case to you. You can offer him and them all in the world, you are the Earth that can give them, him, all of the berries he wishes for, but I am just a simple girl. I am nothing but a speck of dust manipulated by you, but he means so much to me. Jolene, I would do anything and I say this as I kneel on the floor and treat you like a queen with complete disregard for my pride and soul.

He’s the only one for me. Only you can give me my life’s dream. Don’t take him with the current, Jolene; don’t sing to him with your siren voice. Don’t lead my wandering sailor through your storms and your calm. Don’t take my man; please Jolene, even though you can. Jolene, don’t you get it? I’m not like you; I could never love again.

Inspired by Jolene, a song sung by Mindy Smith featuring Dolly Parton.

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