We all seek to find love. We’re all afraid to be hurt, therefore we will sometimes run away from it. We shy away from a caress that means more than it “should”, we let go of hands when the feeling has intensified, and we cry when we realize we were fools too afraid to keep a good thing when we had it. It’s understandable to be afraid of being hurt, but it’s not understandable to be afraid of love itself. Love never fades; love will remain for the rest of existance because the remnants of that love are external. The universe will take back into itself and every thread will remain connected.

Don’t run away from something so pleasurable, so beautiful, and so fulfilling. Without it we are empty souls trying to find our way– walking a winding road that leads us back to the feeling. Just breathe, cry, speak, and pour love out of every pore. Yes, the more you feel it, the more it may hurt, but sometimes pain tells you you are alive. Don’t be cowards that hide, that pretend to be courageous. Don’t lie and say you hate her or him because you love them.

You run and you cry and you try to move on, but we don’t choose who we love. Things never turn out perfectly or the way they “should”, so when you run away because you’ve lost control you have lost yourself and your opportunity for love. They say we only fall in love once, it might be true, it might not. Either way, when you love don’t let it go, no matter how afraid you are. It’s never too late to return to your love. Don’t run away anymore.

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