Move Along and Never Stop

Let me lose myself and soar, soar as far as I have never gone. The sky, hell, take me out of this world. If you’re not coming along, then let me make it on my own. I sure as heck can make it on my own. All I ever do– all WE ever do– is make it on our own. Who’s to stop me from going all the way until I reach the end of the cliff? I don’t mind falling into the water as long as I fall somewhere.

Who cares if I don’t make it in the end, I made it this far and nothing valiant is done out of fear. I sure am no knight, no soldier, but I can definitely make it wherever I go. Whether I swim one hundred feet deep or touch the moon, I’ll be somewhere and that’s better than staying here. As long as we keep moving along with the world we won’t fall behind, so why bother staying stuck in the first place?

Let yourself be as free as me. I’ll fly with you and I’ll swim with you. We all breathe together and we all breathe each other, so lets love and fight together for all that we have ever wanted. There’s no way of knowing if we’ll make it, but the uncertainty and the going out on a limb is what got our species so far. We traveled within and outside of ourselves and we faced hardship, but we alway kept moving. And that, my friends, is the moral of my story.

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