No More Lies

I’m not really meant for that person. I’m just a person living my life and I am not meant for him. I don’t care for the traditional, I customize everything in my path in the way I see the most beautiful. I have fallen down many times and I have picked myself back up, so there is nothing that will ever stop me from continuing. It would not be wise to just stop in the middle of a world that contains all that moves ephemerally, but I can live in my own way.

Never have I felt the need to rely on others– we all are born and we all die alone. I love people, there has never been anything like them that compares to me. Yet we are all so different that sometimes it’s hard to imagine truly connecting. I know it happens, but I also know that it’s not in the perfect synchronized unity. I don’t want to connect perfectly; there’s not much that I prefer over my individuality.

Although he may not understand, no matter what we go through together, I am not meant for him. I am not meant for anyone but myself in the way that I refer to. Yes, I do love wholeheartedly because I am not a cruel person, but I am ephemeral like everything else. I cannot guarantee eternity in any conceivable way, so vows and bonds will not do anything to change the fact that I will not always be here and neither will everything else.

I rather just live the way I want. I compromise and I negotiate repeatedly, but I enjoy boundaries between me and everything else. Detachment isn’t that bad, when you can attach and continue moving away. It’s okay to not want the same things everyone else wants and it’s okay to live life in the manner best suitable for oneself. I love breathing and dancing and caring completely with my mind and soul. I can flutter away and remain the same person I have always been. I’m just not meant for him.

So many people are not meant for each other because we are all so distinguished. Each and every one of us is royalty because we control our own countries– our bodies. If it doesn’t seem right to be with who we’re “supposed” to be with, then it is not right. Ties can be broken, just like promises made to one another. It’s alright to break them, because we are imperfect and if we want to break them, the other person most likely does too. Why pretend to be something we’re not? There’s no point in lying to ourselves and everyone else around us.

I show my true colors to whoever I meet, I speak my honest mind because I cannot lie to make a situation seem better or worse than it truly is. I’m not meant for him and he’s not deserving of me. It’s fine to think these thoughts– I won’t be the first. Don’t lie to yourself and don’t lie to others. Don’t be a pretender, life is too short to fake it.

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