All those times you mean to hurt do not make you any better. Haven’t you ever heard that what goes around comes around? When it all does, though, don’t fret because you knew it was coming. You are not an exception to the cycle no matter how hard you try to be and no matter how many stones you try to swallow, you will get caught up in the current like the rest.

They say that life isn’t fair, but the only reason it is not is because people are selfish. It is not all about you, it is about all of us living together in one world. You can have all that you want all of those times you want it, I learned that from personal experience. It is all about compromise, you give a little to have  a little returned to you. Look beside you and see a neighbor that seems better off and one that seems worse off. Sometimes the roles are reversed and the one who has it all has the least.

Needless to say, when you hurt to get something in return you are just taking away an opportunity of something beautiful that you could have had. Why reduce yourself into something less than what you could be? All that it takes to get what you truly need is just a bit of input into the world so that what goes around will come around.


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