Success, Change, and Failure

I kept dreaming and dreaming, just hoping that one day I would get to where I want to be in my life. My dreams of advancement will never change, so when is it exactly good enough for me? 

I’ve been through some struggles, some that are openly secret and some that remain unknown. I am not the only one who has had to go through struggle. I just hope I don’t mess up in what’s to come. I don’t want any impediments and I want to take control of my life, completely. We all seek happiness in some form or another, and I feel as if I will never rest until I achieve it. I don’t waste my time thinking about death, it’s inevitable so I make the most that I can out of today. 

So I will say that people try to and sometimes succeed in bringing us all down, but only because we let them. Sometimes we just don’t have the best judgement– it’s hard to constantly be bombarded by emotions. We can’t put a stop to our emotions, so we will eventually make mistakes. That does not mean we have failed, or well it could, but only temporarily. We still have time to choose what is best for us because the only time that’s too late is when you’re dead. So as long as you’re breathing and conscious, you have the control. 

Which brings me to point out my belief that we all have control of our lives as long as we are aware. It’s not true to say “we just can’t do something good” or that “we messed up because that is how they led us to believe,” because honestly, we knew the consequences of our actions and we DID have our own choices to make. Just because a choice is particularly difficult does not mean that we can not choose appropriately. So no more victimizing ourselves. We all know who we are and we must live with it, plus, if you don’t like who you are, you can always change it.

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