Tell Me More…

I’m slightly afraid to care so much. Sometimes I can take on the whole world and at others I just need to have it stop. I have faith though, faith in people. I’m sure it’s not so bad to love so much that it hurts sometimes. It’s better than hating and enjoying every single moment of it. I don’t really know what motivates people to continue and I don’t know why I am the way I am, I just know that it feels right. I don’t think this is instinct though. I’m sure that natural selection never cared much for anything other than adaptation and survival. Nurture probably wouldn’t cut it, but it might.

Every day I struggle to be a better person and to remember the things I told myself the previous day. I know that out there we all have to deal with this at some point or another. I know that I am not alone in believing that the world and people generally are good. I have been called a fool for caring so much and for believing so much, but I feel as if there could never be anything more right in the world. It is not ignorance, I am aware of evil and I am aware of the negatives on Earth. There’s just so much more though; I don’t think our minds belong to Earth– I’m sure there’s something more.
We’re all so much more than we believe. We have so much power, so much drive, and so many motives. I don’t believe it can be limited to one planet, heck, I don’t know if it can even be limited to the universe. My ideas are strange and very outlandish, but I am sure that so many people have thought this before. I’d like to learn more about this, I’d like to hear other people’s point of views. I’m ready to open my mind — I hope you are.

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