The Cutie

I know this cutie pie who constantly tries to drive me insane, however, if I paid any attention to them I would have so much chaos on my mind. I say; just keep going, love.Eventually I will get my way from your mistakes. I may be kind of crazy or whatever you want to call it, but I’m just honestly doing what I want to do. So there’s nothing that I love more than some challenges; eventually those die out and either they succumb or they’ll be on their way. So in reality it’s all cool, because whatever is going to happen is out of my control (in regards to another person, anyway).

I just find it comical how we’re expecting so much out of another person. There’s only so much each and every one of us can offer. I can’t be dirtier, sexier, less smart, taller, less crazy, etc. It’s either I’m taken the way I am or I’m not taken at all. I feel that many sympathize with me when it comes to this logic.

Of course, the common mistake is alright. I won’t judge because seeing as we are all human, we are imperfect creatures, but I certainly will not tolerate nonsense. The cutie is sure good lookin’, but what do looks have to do with anything good when it comes to them having an empty mind or a mind that is just plain selfish? So cuties should stop expecting so much and just start letting it come the way it comes. Life is so much nicer that way.

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