The Darkness Surrounds Me

Living in an underwater castle is certainly not easy. With the overgrown reef plants and the scratchy and smooth coral everywhere it is easy to not only get lost and tangled, but also cut up and bruised. There is no gardener to cut back the red algae that seems to appear in all corridors of the castle. Blotches of sea coral are everywhere without any restraint. The castle has it all, unlike the rest of the sea. It’s never truly enough though.

I guess I feel like a hermit crab. I hide and I am always sheltered deep within my castle, but I need freedom. I have all the space I could ever need, but it is clogged up space. The plants have inhabited the castle as much as I have and all I can say is that I am feeling too crowded. Next, I’ll be suffocating. It’s certainly hard water here. The aeration is almost gone and to find a bubble I have to make them! Living in this castle is definitely not easy.

If it weren’t for my amazing eyes I would see very little. It has become so dark in here and it’s leading me to shrink from all that used to be happiness. It’s mostly pitch black in some areas although others seem to be lighter than others. I cannot even see all the beautiful colors in my environment. I don’t recall how I ever even saw them before. To make things worse though, it’s all just plain dirty! There’s debris everywhere.

This isolated castle is falling apart and growing cooler. Adjusting my temperature will not suffice in this quick-changing environment. I just need a breather. I need color to add dimension to all that I know. I need a constant, or else I will perish as my castle perseveres.

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