This Time We Were Mountains

I know that we could breathe alone,
I know that we could breathe through the unknown.

You meant so much to me,
Once upon a time…
You were mine.

And I took you into my heart and soul,
I know, I know
It’s too late now.

I could never live without knowing
That you were alive.
It’d be so unkind,
To me.

When we shared our breath,
We shared the mountains,
The ones that passed through the night.

And though things never made sense
You were so innocent.

I loved you more than you’d ever know,
But I’ve got to go.

I don’t even know who you are anymore.
I feel you in my bones,
So strangely unknown.

And in my heart you cried all night
Because it was time to go;
I love you so…

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