Time With Work

At times there is little to do and much to think about. Sometimes it is not enough. Nothing truly matters when you breathe no relief, thus breathing relief becomes the most valuable thing. When relief is the isolated thought in the mind, I feel as if there is no room for anything else. There is no room for work, motivation, potential, or any other type of thing that can be possibly helpful in the given situation. How to change this excruciating standstill seems to elude me.

It is alright though, sometimes life is lived better when going through the motions. The only issue with that is that the motions may fall short of your aspirations– a most painful feeling. I don’t want to be the ripple that is lost in the water, I rather be the steady stream that moulds the mountain. The motivation seems to be there, but when action is actually required, everything falls short of just that. No action occurs because no true motivation exists near me.

I do not know what is the best course of action, but I do know that something must be done. I will sit here and wonder if it is enough to get my gears running once again, but the future is looking slightly bleak and slightly ambiguous.


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