Underwater Sun

Sweet, caring angels of old once kept the world in check.

The angels of old are no longer around, drowned with the tide as I swim down deeper to find lost secrets of greatness. A voice inside my head tells me, “but love, you can’t hold your breath forever. When will you surface?” and so I break the surface of the water.

Soon I find that all around me is just water with no land in sight.
You see, I swam so much to find an escape from my adventures of greatness. My dreams of sweetness and purity turned out to be a nightmare of danger to the point that this time, I sunk involuntarily. Where were the angels when I needed them? I couldn’t drown forever and my body was getting cold– at water temperature, like that of a fish.

What do you do when you’re at the end with no escape in sight? You succumb to destiny, one that you, yourself created. Right as you give in to the end and the flow of things, your angels of old come swimming to you, holding you tight. Your angels tell you that there’s more to life than just wings, there are fish scales and darkness surrounding the light at the bottom.
So I open my eyes underwater without need of breath, simply with a need to swim alongside my angels of old. Soon I am living an inconceivable fairy tale. Where there is darkness I can now see as I slowly become an angel of older times now long gone.

There’s more to life than just death.

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