We the Mangoes

The mango is a purple-red ripe, but it stays on the tree. Have you ever smelled a mango before? The scent finds your nose even from a few feet away. It is hard to describe though… It is kind of like an apple only it has a much more ripe and sweet scent. It is an overpowering, but comfortable sweetness, with a balance. The balance is that it is sweet, but does not remind you of sugar, which can be overbearing at times. The mango is not like every other fruit. It smells of strife, of the sweat of nature which comes bearing gifts. The other fruits taste mostly sweet, but do not have a scent as strongly or as plain. The mango has a plain scent because it is not as fruity as the rest of its cousins. It is not bitter, either. In fact, a mango has no bitter smell although it seems to be representative of nature’s hard-worked for peace between the elements.

The mango is a hardy fruit, with a shell so thick that is easy to pierce. It is vulnerable to all of the animals that prey on its sticky, nutritious blood– the juice of the mango always finds its way out of the shell. The furry seed at the center seems to try to hold on to the edible part as if it could never bear to be fully detached of its covering. How do we pick the mango? At its lowest point, when it hits the ground. The Mango is a reality– it takes the battering and the bruises all the while never letting go of its legendary, strong scent. Many things yearn for the mango, but the mango finds that inconsequential focusing only on becoming purple-red ripe and full.

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