What If?

What if you belonged to the sun,

The brightly shining one?
But then you looked down into the Earth,
And you felt like you’ve never felt before– a different type of hearth.
What if you never believed in God anymore?
Then what would your life ever be for?
But then you learned to live alone,
With her, all grown.
What if I loved you like you did?
With wishes of birthdays and a kid,
But then you learned the truth about me,
That I never forgot you, so you see.
What if you forgot who I truly was?
While you loved her although by me you’d pass,
But then you dove into the water cold to the bone,
So I went towards you and rays shone.
But what if, my love, you kept on,
While at my standstill I dearly run?
But you know what you are to them,
And all you want is all three on a stem.

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