When You Gave Up on Me

When you gave up on me, I didn’t know what to say, much less what to do. I always had faith in you and believed that you would always be there—you were my dearest friend. However, there were many endings in the middle of you and I and in those endings I was always sad and wishing for a better tomorrow between us. Soon after I learned that endings were meant to be endings and not just middle ground for the continuation of an event. I began to erase you from my life, I made attempts to finally let go of you and I will continue to stand by those attempts because when I needed my best friend, you weren’t there for me after I was always there for you.

I don’t believe friendships to be investments, I believe them to come naturally and simply, but with you that was not always the case. I thought to myself that maybe in life you were supposed to turn your back on specific people who turned theirs to you. I have always stood for altruism, but a person can only take so much sadness and can only torture themselves to a level below their boundary. If I let you take things any farther, you would be killing the person I am today and turning me into an oppressed fool—trust me, I was quite close.

I deserve much in my life and I know that because I am kind and loving, I also would never want to inflict harm upon anyone, but you my friend, were not the same. Your fear brought about pain and anger and frankly, we are much too old to deter ourselves from the things we truly feel loving and passionate towards and thus, I say that this is the end. Our story is over and now I must leave to swim with the fish.

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