Yellow dots of fragrance speckle endless prairie. I’m a flower, yes. My only desire is to grow in whichever direction the sun faces. I sway about a hundred thousand times in the wind throughout the day– peacefully at times. The sun is constantly changing position in my sky and I follow it up high. My petals are yellow, like the sun and I just hope they’ll grow to be a brighter shade.

I don’t care about spreading myself thin, I just want to sway in the wind. Giving in to every direction sends me in the perfect flurry– I can see it all better than way. I don’t worry because the rain falls when it pleases itself to do so and that is just enough to keep me alive. My friend– the dew– seems to have an affinity for me and my roots just soak it up. I don’t worry, no. My leaves receive all of the nutrition they need.

My only job– one that I carry out with pleasure– is growing. I don’t even mind never reaching the sun, I just want to grow. I don’t even mind not being the only wildflower in the prairie. I don’t feel bothered by the other beautiful flowers near me. All I ever want to do is grow.

I go through the seasons and I particularly like spring and fall. I don’t mind the coolness of the winter or the scorching heat of the summer. I love the struggle; the changes. I love seeing every new day with a different weather pattern. I don’t mind.

Throughout the years I am constantly withering and blooming and I love it because every time it’s an enlightening transformation. I am a yellow wildflower.

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