Creatures of the Sky

I want to marry the night. Become one with the night and hide within the secrets of its darkness, play hide and seek by the moonlight without restrictions in a flowing, delicate, long shirt. I want to run under the night and let the beads of sweat accumulate as I play with my prey. I want to take a dip in cool water as I run from the caresses of the wind simply to cool my body. I want to become a part of the night and play as I hide within the leaves.

I’ll let the thick scent of roses engulf me as I spin around in circles, getting dizzy in the aroma as I take off running and fly into the night sky with wild-blowing hair. Our bodies belong to the sky and the wind; they deserve to be illuminated by the moonlight. I want to land and lay on the ground in the gardens with the breeze cooling my body and sleep until dusk arrives on rose petals, and when it does, I’ll disappear with the night.

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