Broadcasts on a Radio

I was born with Celsius, but I grew up with Fahrenheit. You only ever knew Celsius.


We are broadcasts on a radio. When I am on frequency modulation, you seem to be on amplitude modulation and vice-versa. The small vertical line on the radio passes through both, AM and FM broadcasts, but what is heard on each is very dissimilar. You seem to think that I am broadcasting on radio FM, with less talking and more emotion, and thus you broadcast with FM. Later on I realize I cannot understand what you are telling me although the vertical line connecting the stations on the machine is connecting us.

You move the radio cursor in hopes of hearing what I have to say, but there is nothing but silence from me and interference from stations in your broadcast. I extend the amplitude of my signals in the desperate hopes that you will hear me, but you scan over all of my stations and I can’t understand you. We never seem to be on the same broadcast and thus, we can never mesh signals—our ideas are meant for solitude. You increase and decrease your frequencies still hoping to find me, but we are lost within the signals, we are lost within the methods. You cannot find me and I cannot find you.

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