Rip Me Apart

            Why not rip me apart to shreds and then leave me stranded in the middle of the fields? Sink your teeth into my flesh and just growl into me as you break my little bones. None of it matters; my body, my soul, or my feelings mean nothing when given to a cold killer. So just destroy me completely. I don’t want to feel anything anymore.

            When did I become nothing important? When did my mind or my matter not matter anymore? I know I was always kind, and I knew I’d always be betrayed. I learned how to accept those things. There are things that one has to put up with in life and I guess this is my damnation. I am damned for caring and loving things to which I am just a machine.

            Betray me, betray me more, betray me ten thousand times, but just get rid of my heart and my love and my hopes and dreams. The things that I love do not matter, they never will again. Kill me coldly and then burn my body in the flames. Stomp on my ashes until I cover you completely in gray—the dreariness is all that I am formed of.

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