I must confess, I’ve been afraid. I’ve been fearful of sharing my deepest secrets for no reason at all. The exposure of my very soul has left me frozen with confusion and change. It all used to be like the blue skies I was always so certain of, but now there are splashes of pink, yellow, orange, blue, and purple illuminating my horizons. To make things worse, the moon and the sun are both out, equally present.

            Fear… Something I was never keen to accept into my life. Now the rain is too strong and the leaves are too weak to keep themselves held up on the stalks of the bare flowers. Who am I today? The endless seas of feelings and dreams are telling me, but I might be too afraid to swim in them. Maybe fear is not the same thing, as it seems to commonly be. This fear is partially the lack of readiness that once led me to live impulsively and express my deepest thoughts—I was always born ready.

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