To Be You, Only You and that which Surrounds You

Sometimes you need to learn to be, in spirit form, without any need. Sometimes you have to breathe deeply into and out of your body, until all that you become is air. Then, you can float up high and you can fly without worries over the foliage. All that is required is a manipulation of your current state to become something different, something that does not require that which does not want the acquisition of your being into its essence.

You can breathe purely without those hazy contaminants that spew black smoke. All you need are the colors and lights that this new atmosphere will give you as it refracts light energy all around you. Just breathe… There is nothing you need save for your breath. When all you require is minimal, you make all that wants you minimal and you become more self-aware.

This is your story, your piece of the tale and you can spin it however you’d like. No one will ever tell you anything otherwise and you need nothing but your mentality. All that you will need to love are the things around you, but only those you find beneficial and beautiful to your being. Nothing else is necessary; nothing else will impact you any further. Think of the beauty that you will extract from the universe, a beauty that you can mold to become you and all that surrounds you. Cherish that beauty and grasp it strongly with your hands—never let it go.

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