Nothing is Ever as it Seems, Now is it?

            Fairy dust is on my shoulder and I can’t shake it off. Where will it take me tonight and will it still be here tomorrow? Fairy dust doesn’t let me make sense of the outcomes and it’s confusing me more than I confuse myself with tiny delusions of what is real. So I picked up a peacock feather and put it in my hair to tell my goddess that I was listening and ready for the new roads I was about to take.

             I must say that I got off with a running start, but that I kept tripping every few minutes. It’s not easy to just forget things that you know aren’t meant to be forgotten, so I clouded up my mind and told myself a little story that would give me a new version of reality once I let it unwind. So it went from tiny delusions to greater ones full of grandeur and stories that seemed to be more entertaining than actually possible.

            I didn’t tell my friends because they would have certainly thought that I was insane or needed some ridiculous amount of help, which I knew that I didn’t need because I felt fine. I was just a little drowsy, but that’s how we all get when we tell stories. Plus, I was now a peacock because it turned out that peacock feathers were more magical than you would have expected. So I asked my goddess what the heck was going on and she told me to just dip myself into the water, that just because I was some sort of bird it didn’t mean that I would drown.

            So I did just that and then developed a tail, but it wasn’t a peacock tail, it was a fish tail, so pretty and pink and purple that for a second I thought I was in a Barbie movie, but then I saw her and she held my hand and all of a sudden it was night. There were willow tree branches covering the bank of the river and there was a full moon up in the sky, bright and gold, like the bangles on her forearms. We swam around and went into a little illuminated cave where the light came from the water. There were beautiful river flowers everywhere, flowers that I had never seen before. So I smiled and swam freely because I was safe and I had nothing to worry about. All I wanted to think about was this magical experience.

            Suddenly, I remembered. What a tragedy, to be completely at peace with a spiritual entity only to be awaked from your blissful state by some memories of things that from now on were long gone to me. All these stupid thoughts and these memories that only gave me headaches were not pleasing to have to deal with. So I laid my head on the moss in the cave and I just let it seep the memories out, until all that they were was a coppery floating thread that I could not grasp. With closed eyes I smiled and my goddess told me it would all be fine and well.

            Then I saw the silhouette of a hunter inside the cave and the next thing I knew I was covered by a large sack.


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