To the One Person I Love Above All Else

            There is one person that I love above all, including above myself. When he calls me, his soul speaks to me and tells me that no matter where we are in the world, we will always be together; but there are times in which the thought is not as present, when it’s not my main focus—I am thinking about the present and the things immediately surrounding me. Regardless of these times spent on particular things, there is always an end-goal and I wish to be physically near him at that point in the future.

            He is my child, although not physically. Mentally and emotionally, he is my everything. He is my moon orbiting in space and his energy controls much of mine. So I cry when he is not around and I was still before he existed. I am certain no one will ever love like he does, my little moon shrouded in darkness. He does not see things, things that I see, but he will always see far ahead and he will understand the simplicity of things—all of the things that I make overly complicated, he simplifies in his mind, thus balancing out my mental energy with his.

            Can I ever love anyone else as much as I love him? I have not found it possible at this point in my life, and I highly doubt that I ever will find that possible (why would I ever want to?). I have never been deserted, never have I been alone since the moment he came into my life. All of those days I spent crying and missing my dearest, dearest love were surpassed by the sense of fulfillment that I obtained simply by speaking to him.

            I will never have to love again, and I should never forget that the most important piece of me and of my universe will always be near me. Soon enough we will be next to one another in proximity and he will make me smile as he tells me how much he loves me and when he asks me if I love him too, I will affirm that I do. I cannot wait to read him fairytales and to tickle his little belly—I just want to hug him so tight and never let go. When I have to go, it will hurt me so, but it will still be for him.


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