To Find and to Lose in Cycles

            I’m in a new place that I have never seen before where there are caverns galore. So many entryways, but many obstructed exits are a part of this journey that I am taking. Flooded caverns, flooded caves and flooded grooves are keeping me sane. They keep me swimming and I try to find my way, but who knows about ways anyway?

            So I heard a few echoes only to find that they emanated from my lungs and as I followed them somewhere I went even deeper into the water. There was darkness and in it I found the light, which explained to me with clarity all that I took for reality. There were actually no truths, because the water kept moving and it was all subjective, but there were experiences and there were the limits like those that you would find from your derivatives to reach some sort of conclusions.

            I swam until my limbs were too exhausted to swim anymore. I loved it all, things that I had never seen before. I got lost and I was found by me in the caves of darkness and depths. The ripples came from my movement, my progression towards a regression to realize who I truly was at first. After I obtained a good sense of that, I pondered in the clear, blue and warm water how I got there only to find that I soon went somewhere else.

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