Everyone expects frailty, but that is not often the case. It is interesting that when challenged, we tend to persevere more than ever instead of retreating in a motion of defeat. We are not frail; so do not expect people to be. In order to have courage, you must fear and not let that fear deter you from achieving what is most pleasing to you.

            I am not weak and I do not love any more than you or your neighbor. We all have our limits, which we set aside of our weaknesses because limits and weakness are both characteristic of very different classes. I refuse to have expectations set on me by someone who knows nothing of me; that is a limit I have set. I will also not allow sadness, fear, or anxiety dictate my life because I will not succumb to them, instead I will be courageous in the face of adversary because I choose to be more powerful. No one expects you to stand firm on a quality of yours because everyone seems to want to dominate your mode of thinking.

            Follow your own examples; no one will ever know what works best for you better than you will know yourself. It is wonderful to define your own existence, to create your own methods of living. No one can make you happier than yourself; they can only share your happiness with you if you choose to allow them to. Things are more beautiful when you persevere, when you love yourself and accept others as they are. Nothing save for what you choose is required for your personal reality, and nothing can shape that reality in the best form for you.

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