Will You Love Me?

            I’m so tired of society, I’m tired of it for telling me that I am not good enough, that my body is not nice enough, and that my class predisposes me for less than enough. I hate that about society. So what if I’m not perfect and if I’m small and have some belly fat? So what if I come from a poor background? Why do those things matter, am I not human enough?

            I hate that people in society are so unkind, so displeasing, so misleading. They take me to hell; they burn up and scratch my ego until I’m nothing more than a scatter-brained mess. How is that fair? Why does everyone insist on expecting perfection? My professors want A material, my parents want some crazy success, my friends want me to have a good time all of the time, my lover wants me at his every beckon and call, but does anyone want me?

            Could you love me with my imperfections and my uncertainties? Would you deal with me through the mess just because you are happy that I am me, that I am in your life? Will anyone ever expect me to just be, to breathe happily and peacefully?

            Yeah, we’re all me.

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