Stuck in the Past


            Every day it hurts a little bit more than yesterday. You think that things would get easier by now, but as time progresses you remain unresolved because there is no solution to this situation. No immediate answers that will make everything all right, only the fact that you remain sad due to the prior experiences and the worst part is that they take the worst parts of you and define you.

            When you look back at the memories, whether willingly or unwillingly, you realize a little bit more that you missed. There are always new things you would like to say, but it gets more and more difficult to let these phrases out because the clock keeps ticking away and every second is another day in which the conversations become more irrelevant. You never get around to having them, but you think them nonstop and they haunt you.

            Soon, you begin to see ghosts of the issues that once arose, issues that were not solved properly. You end up feeling empty and your mind begins to scatter because there is never anything you could ever do again. It becomes too late and everything has already passed, but you are still stuck in the past. 

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