A Way Out

            Needed an outlet, something to run and shy away from reality—negativity. Needed to scream and cry and laugh uncontrollably because there was no knowledge of self… Mind overcrowded with other minds. Ran away and wrote while the heart became softer and not as tight. The chest incorporated room to breathe, and to be filled with fluid too.

            Dug into the soil where the seeds lay evenly and slept with the soon-to-be flowers. The nutrition gained from that friendship was more fulfilling and healthier than others. Then, the sea neared; like a fish, leaped into the water because the outside was too dry. Swam with the fishies, laughed, and no tears were available underwater.

            Stress free, like a leaf in the wind. Got swept away by natural forces and traveled the world. Slowly decomposing into fragments, the world became larger—a greater expanse to explore. Felt better and grew into a person. Breathed deeply and calmly and emerged into the universe. 

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