When You Kiss Me

We’ll be together and you look at my face. Three seconds of just observing. Slowly, you come in—for the kiss. Lightly tapping my lips with your cool and moist ones, then you smile. I could stay here for a while, near you and those lips. Later on you trace my skin with your fingers. Warm to the touch while my body is cold. Soft skin lightly grazed, then goosebumps. Exhale.

I breathe you in slowly and you breathe me in dearly. My light brown eyes meet your dark brown ones and we make caramel. Just like when my skin and yours move quickly together, intertwined as we lay there. It feels like forever since I last saw you, felt you, and dreamt with you. You stay close and you kiss my neck softly, lovingly, and quietly.

You hold me and I hold you. One. “I miss you,” I say even though you haven’t left. I need you, your thoughts. We are together transgressing through time that doesn’t matter. Yesterday it was us and now and tomorrow. You touch my skin smoothly. My scent is of caramel coffee. You slowly lay your head on my back.

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