Signs You’re No Longer My Dream

1. You are embarrassed at my affection because I’m the buzzing bee that provides the honey for your growth. I sweeten your body and mind and you get toothaches.

2. You pass me like the tiny ants on the side of the road. You don’t see or feel or hear me. You step on me—I’m crushed.

3. You’re one of those “cool cats” that is too cool to let go of your pride and ego. I’m a fucking doughnut and I taste deliciously sweet and round.

4. I sing a tune that you feel has no melody, or maybe I’m sounding a bit sharp.

5. Apparently my gardenia and sandalwood scents are making you sneeze uncontrollably. Too bad…

6. Where is the apology I deserve? Oh right, nowhere to be found.

We’ve all got those notions of what is right and wrong and what we deserve. We know what they are, but now I’m starting to FEEL it.

Baby, I’m as cool as the ocean in the midst September and I shake up and mould the sand like I have no care in the world. I’m the hot sun that burns you, but I help cactus flowers grow. My breath is the wind that tickles the nape of your neck and guess what? Goosebumps come with that pleasure. I’m hot, hot, hot and lovely so it matters little what you take for granted. I feel great and icy fresh like those diamond crystals in the light that I love to watch. I’m also harder than quartz, so watch where you’re stepping next time.

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  1. I’m so glad that you published a new piece, I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂 I liked how you compared different images to each other, like “my breath is the wind that tickles the nape of your neck and guess what? Goosbumps come with that pleasure.” It really helps me visualize and feel whats happening. 🙂


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