Dim Tones

Dim tones.

The feeling when a moment escapes you, or a person, or a lifestyle does something to the same effect. We expect the colors to show through strongly, but some colors are not as obviously seen. They seem to come and go and go and go again. Most times people walk out of your life before there is time to replace them and even then it is extremely difficult.

At times people are fruit falling down the tree of your relationships before they are yet ripe. As a result, we are sometimes left with empty space where there was once something full and mature in all of its glory. People are sometimes holes within us and we try to cover those up for fear of loneliness or disbelief and yet those holes still remain.

Sometimes we are candles burning so low that within the next minute or so we will just be hot wax until we cool and are never used again. Maybe at one time we were able to burn brightly and release ourselves from the body of matter that contains much of what we are.

Right now I am the remnant of that lived candle, of those holes I created in others, of fallen fruit. I am a dim tone in someone’s life and they are too in mine.

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