The Way, My World

They way it feels…


My world is underwater and I am now a fish. It feels good to swim where the grass is now inundated because it kind of feels like flying. Sometimes when I move from a portion of water to another the temperature is different and it brings forth an exciting sensation to all of my skin cells. Most things feel smooth and my body is sleek. I am shining where the sun is kissing me… On the nape of my neck I feel warmth.

My world is my lover, the one you could never be because it keeps me cool and I never run out of things to see. The world gave me the child that is my passion and curiosity whereas you gave me storms and destruction. I swim through the dark caves that felt very much the norm when you came around, but this time instead of a crushing fear I felt every vibration moving in the water. Like tiny waves inside this huge inundated sea, I feel inseparable from my surroundings. I am a picture that is ever changing and belongs in a frame without restrictions.

Your photographs kept me still and quiet until they faded away or were burned up, but my world moved me in its ever transient nature filled with bubbles and underwater caverns and castles that housed me in the stillest moments. This big flood is here to stay and you were too ephemeral. It is clear as clean water that you do not belong in this newfound loving world of mine. You either burned fires within me or you chilled me to the bone.

My world is a love that eclipses your hate. I am joyful.

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