Being More

We run so fast, so far, and for so long as we strive for that sense that we are a part of everything around us. I want to be outside with the downpour in May knowing that I am the warm droplets falling on my hair. I want to become the scent of rain and leaves and flowers. I run toward unity with all that surrounds me. Just know that things will always hold you back; they’ll grapple with you and hurt your pride or scratch your wings. It doesn’t matter, it is just something discomforting and ephemeral. People are not always like waves that crash repeatedly into the same stone. Sometimes all it takes is one moment when you’re crashing and the impact is enough to shake the foam free where it can belong to a new piece of Earth. I am brand new and sailing out to sea in a vessel with a course to wherever my mind goes. You are a school of fish moving fast and wherever there is a whim to take you. Sometimes we can just run or swim or fly and soon enough we’ll know why.

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