Plunging Head First Into the Water

Life is a rush within itself every moment of every second, millisecond, and god knows what else. With every breath comes change in ups and downs like how a flower reorients itself each time the wind blows through its petals. We seek comfort in the things that are finally present, no longer seeking it in a ruthless past and memories that creep into my head like tainted water running through the veins giving my brain some blood. There’s a moment where the line is cut and I’m no longer holding anyone from drowning because people drown in their own misery.

My mother says to never let a person bring you down because she cultivated my little heart in her womb for nine arduous months. She says to never give my love away to anyone who would dare tear it to shreds as if it were nothing easier than scratch paper. She’s right, of course, in the way mothers are ALWAYS right. Sometimes people need to drown to know what it’s like to have water in their lungs. They need to purify their souls as they are slowly brought to the surface by the “powers that be”. I needn’t drown today or tomorrow because I’ve been drowning, but now I feel like something in me is a seed bringing forth the rarest flower. I can give to those that give and love and share. I give to me and those nearest.

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