Burning Pyres Symbolize Remnants of Shattered…

I want to drink some coffee and tell myself that this life is too short to live by adhering to the standards of time. I want to smoke a cigarette or a cigar, or something but I just want to smoke something and have all the neurotoxins hit my head like a bang. Sometimes we want things we’d rather not have and I just want to run and play and indulge as if I were to bathe in honey and become antiviral. I want to smoke your soul like I’ve never had anything else in my lungs. I want to eat your kisses, those of the wind, and those of someone else. I want to INDULGE.

La liberación sexual, el movimiento femenista, y las acciónes eróticas tell me to live my life as if freedom were a concept I need to just grasp in my soft hands lathered by Unilever. What if I am actually broken-hearted and masking it all with hate and anger? Nah, that can’t be because to be broken-hearted you need to have been with someone who had made you feel like you were worth these whiles. I lick my wounds like the flames lick the air reacting with the oxygen that should be coming into my blood. This reminds me that I’m a burning pyre functioning as sacrifice for the trees of tomorrow, the kids of tomorrow, the thoughts of tomorrow, and the memories I lived.

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